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Welcome to the new tennis year- 2013-2014!

Broward 5.0 Women’s League at Holiday Park!

jimmy evert tennis centerThis league has 5 doubles positions for every match.

This year there are 11 matches, our first one starting Oct. 7, 2013, at home.

Philosophy: This league is for you! It is a very very competitive league, but the team’s spirit is totally accepting and supportive.  Play singles if you want to, play 1st position doubles or fourth position if you want to. Just work on your game and enjoy your tennis. Your captain, Robin Dreyfuss, just wants you to have fun. Really!

If you are on the team, please SIGN-UP to play!  the matches have on-line sign-up sheets under the SIGN-UP tab.

If you are not on the team but wish you were, please fill in the contact us form, or call the captain or the co-captain.